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I had the wonderful opportunity of co-hosting my best friend’s baby shower with her sister and mother. Brandy and I have been friends forever and we have moved away from each and try to keep in touch. This is her first baby and we wanted to have a big baby shower since she was coming from out of town.


I have been setting up, serving, planning and photographing events for about 8 years. It’s so fun for me! We had decided on a fun earthy and cute theme of woodsy and owls. I created custom invites and printed them through my favorite site (I have posted the design for sale, boy and girl).  Another point we wanted to focus on was creating a memorable shower. Simple and fun games, yummy food and personalized décor.

I created an ice breaker called “In the Beginning: Brandy or Jim?”, where I had collected five childhood funnies from both Brandy’s family and her husband’s. The object of the ice break was to get people mingling, sharing ideas of “Who got their siblings to eat potato bugs because they “taste like French fries”? or “Who got their driver’s license and promptly jumped in a car, turned to their parents and said, “See ya, suckers!”? “ Another game we played was the celebrity baby name game “whose baby is that?”. I originally spelled it whoo’s to incorporate the theme, but for the purpose of sharing I changed it. To download the PDF of the game visit: .

The décor was pretty much made by hand. The Wishing Tree and Guestbook were ideas I found searching through varies blogs and sites. I personalized the The Wishing Tree by printing different childhood and couple photos on one side and the other side would be where they wrote a wish for the mommy to be. The guest book bare tree was printed on watercolor paper from the craft store, along with the ink pads I got for only ($.99). I took a little frame explaining the guestbook directions and placed a little example too. For table décor I used twigs my Dad cut off the trees in his yard and spray painted them white, blue and green. I also used rocks and antiqued cheese cloth. The craft store also carried bags of beautiful vibrant green moss that I place in a few baskets and with the pencils. I absolutely am annoyed when people just buy a bag of pens and throw them out on the table.  It’s not that hard to include them in a more eye appealing way. I took little jam jars I had up in my kitchen, filled them with a little of the moss and place earthy recycled pencils in them. The table runner was easy. I just went to the fabric store and bought the length of the table in cheese cloth, then antique it by soaking it in tea for about an hour. It came out so beautiful.

I hope you enjoy the photos and links.

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Game Key:

pax -  Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

archibald - Amy Poehler & Will Arnett

grier - brooke shields

kal-ol cappola - Nicolas Cage & Alice Kim

tallulah belle  - bruce Willis & demi moore

milo - Liv Tyler and Royston Langdon

axel - Will Ferrell & Viveca Paulin

zuma - Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale

egypt - Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz

alabama - shanna moakler and travis barker

kenzo - Kimora Lee Simmons & Djimon Hounsou

memphis eve - Bono

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Ricotta Pound Cake ( in the nest):

Chicken Sandwich:

 (but with pecans)